6 Months Living in the Van!

An update of what we have been doing / where we've been in the last 6 months. #vanlife

Alex & I at Inverloch, VIC.

Wooo! Congratulations to us!

April 9th 2019 marks 6 months living in the van full time. It's taken me so long to post this that it's now almost 7 months living in the van....

It's been quite the adventure. We moved in on the 9th October 2018 whilst in Adelaide. Finished up a few loose ends by end of October and then made a quick dash up to Gladstone, QLD for my Grandpa's 80th birthday party (surprising the family - which was great!).

From there, we visited more of my family in Bundaberg & Noosa (QLD). Alex had a few meetings for work on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane (which was perfect timing). Then we made our way to Alex's family in Ocean Shores & Mullumbimby (NSW).

For the following few months (November, December & January) we hung around the Byron Shire surfing HEAPS, going up & back to the Gold Coast University Hospital for me to work shifts as a Midwife (which I loved! I'm an Agency Midwife - I will do a post specifically on how this works). We both landed jobs at Falls Festival Byron which was an awesome experience. This is where we spent our New Years. We didn't leave the Falls site for about 7 days - was very interesting being on site for that long!

We had booked our 3 week holiday to Japan for February 2019, departing from Sydney (as that's where our other friends we were meeting lived). So we were working, saving, surfing - living the life! We made our way to Sydney at the end of January and flew to Japan on February 1st and returning on the 23rd. Japan was absolutely stunning in every way (Japan post to come...).

We then slowly followed the coast of NSW down to Melbourne, VIC for another work meeting for Alex. Surfing wherever possible, visiting small coastal towns, and basically working from every library along the way! #librarytour

The timing of our Melbourne trip was perfect! It just so happened a friend from Germany, who I hadn't seen in 5 years, was visiting! I spent quality time with old and close friends, had some delicious vegan meals, and reminisced our time in Japan at a gorgeous Japanese cafe called CIBI in Collingwood.

We surfed Bells Beach and surrounds, explored Wilson's Promontory and other coastal towns. Couldn't have asked for a better trip to Victoria!

We left Melbourne April 13th heading back up to Sunshine Coast to spend Easter and my birthday with my family, stopping at Blues Festival along the way ;)

And here we are... still loving the van life, and planning our next adventures! ✌