3 Non-Negotiables For Buying Our Van!

We had a few criteria for buying our van...

Test driving the van for the first time.

Have you thought about van-life before?

Ever since travelling Central America together in 2016 we (Alex & I) had talked about the idea. Alex even started playing with ideas of our layout.

Two years later in June of 2018 we bought our van - a 2010 High-Roof, Medium Wheel Base, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Buying Our Van: 3 Non-Negotiables

  • Had to be able to stand up inside the van!

Alex is 186cm tall (I'm 171cm), and I saw this as a necessity. The idea was for this van to be our home, indefinitely. I wanted to be comfortable, and not end up with a stiff neck. We opted for the high-roof version of the Sprinter.

  • Had to fit in a 'normal' carpark.

For a hassle-free life. We didn't want to always be searching for car parks. Normally, car spaces are around 6m long. We opted for the medium wheel base Sprinter and with our bull bar / back step we just fit into these.

  • Had to look "stealthy".

Although Australia does have a lot of free camping spots (check out, it’s nice to be able to “camp”/park our van where ever we want. We look like a work van and have black out curtains to ensure no light is seen from the outside. We also didn't instal extra windows or solar power for this reason. However, we have wired up our electricity in a way that we can easily add solar power if needed down the track.

We managed to find the perfect van for us that met our above criteria, and so far so good! Let me know if you have any questions and i'd be happy to answer :)

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